A few of the most popular traditional English cakes and biscuits

With abundant primary ingredients like butter and custard, it comes at no surprise that the nationwide baking culture is so well acknowledged and commemorated.

A classic sweet recipe with humble origins is the famous bread and butter pudding: its main ingredients being precisely what the name states, this dessert has extremely easy elements, with a bunch of extra components depending on which of the many variations of the dish one will pick. A lot of recipes recommend to go with old bread, which is probably where the very first version of the dish came from, with lots of techniques of making the cream that will then soften the bread. Raisins are found in most variations, some soaked in liquor ahead of time, which then brings an almost caramelised note to the end flavour.

One element often found in British dessert recipes is cooked fruit, with its characteristic softness and moisture often accompanied by a crispier pastry or a crumbly crust. The latter provides the name to the all time favourite apple crumble, which can be found in shops readily made by suppliers like the Finsbury Food Group; the contrast in between the textures and various levels of dryness of its elements is possibly the most prominent characteristic that makes this dessert so delectable, and the contrast can be advanced by including a cold factor, like ice cream, over the cosy warm fruit.

An interesting procedure utilised in some British desserts is that of steaming. Possibly amongst the most popular and widely known steamed cakes is the sticky toffee pudding, a rich and cosy hot dessert which is rumoured to have been crafted in the coldest parts of the country to provide some cosiness in the winter. Frequently readily offered in shops, like the variation supplied by Destiny Foods, its unique flavour originates from the combination of dates and the toffee sauce that gives it its name. Its cosy nature is maybe why this is among the most liked old fashioned school puddings that lots of people relate to their childhood.

Custard is among the main components that characterise the British baking tradition of cakes and desserts. With a wide array of options and uses, from hot puddings with custard to cold dishes with a more set form, this component is a staple of many classic dishes. A remarkable dish that makes use of custard is trifle: this dessert, readily offered in shops thanks to food manufacturers such as Bakkavor, has actually been ingrained in the culture for a couple of centuries, and is made of layers of various fruits, sponge biscuits soaked in alcohol, custard, and whipped cream. There are numerous variations which can also entail the usage of flavoured jelly for the sponge and fruit layers.

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